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Consulting for Organizational Learning and Talent Development

Leading Strategic Change

assists organizations manage the process of proactively implementing strategic change.  S:L
can also be an effective resource to help organizations respond to unanticipated changes in its marketplace, workforce leadership team or culture - leading through the unknown toward success. 

Talent Development

S:L helps organizations assess their leadership resources and implement strategies to develop the leadership talent needed to succesfully achieve organizational objectives.

Building a Learning Organization

S:L provides guidance to organizations to design and implement systems that assess the educational needs of its executives and workforce, including the strategic management of in-house "corporate universities", the development of knowledge management systems, and the identification and growth of leadership talent at all levels.


Cross-Cultural Management

Global organizations achieve high performace by maximizing their human resources and leadership across diverse cultures.  S:L helps leaders understand the multiple dimensions of cultural contexts, develop an awareness of their cultural orientation, improve communication and team performance, and make the most of a global organization.

Strategic Thinking and Planning

opens new opportunities for executive teams to explore innovative strategies for the their organizations and shows how new strategies can be planned and implemented successfully by assuring alignment and understanding throughout the organization.

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