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Coaching for Executives, Teams & Organizations

S:L coaching helps executives improve their leadership through a four-step process:
  • Self-Awareness using the most appropriate surveys to provide confidential feedback and assessment. 
  • Opportunities for growth and development
  • Action to enhance strengths and overcome leadership challenges.   
  • Renewal in their professional careers and personal lives.


4 Stages of S:L Coaching

S • O • A • R









Executive coaching is highly a personalized resource for developing new capabilities and for recognizing behaviors and beliefs that limit the full potential of executives.  Leadership development is about self-awareness, personal learning, and growth. 
Many executives reach the heights of their success because they have great talents, but they often become limited by a lack of self-awareness or discomfort with developing new skills necessary to achieve more for themselves, for their teams, or for their organizations.

Successful coaching begins with well-grounded information obtained from surveys and diagnostic tools that help an executive and an organization identify strengths and growth opportunities for individual, team and organizational excellence.  These assessments can be used for talent development, executive recruitment, team performance and career planning.  S:L coaching selects the resources that best suit your purpose, including:
360 By Design
Campbell Leadership Index
CPI 260
Change Style Indicator
Decision Style Matrix
Executive Dimensions
Workplace Big Five Profile
Leadership Practices Inventory
Myers-Briggs (MBTI)
Reina Leadership Trust Scale
Strategic Team Review

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