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Seminars and workshops are available for open enrollment or custom delivery.

Strategy for Leadership Teams
This 3-day seminar is designed to provide leadership teams with the core capabilities for developing and delivering successful strategies for business, govenment or volunteer organizations.
Strategy:  An Effective Process for Thinking, Planning & Doing
Executives as well as managers are so busy with the immediate demands on their time and attention that they short-circuit the strategy process, especially if the process is complex and cumbersome.  Actions and investments are made without careful consideration.  This S:L seminar outlines an effective and efficient process for creating and implementing organizational strategy.
Strategy:  Important for Now & the Future
The values of strategy is not just for charting long-range goals.  Equally important, strategy helps keep the leadership team's focus on the organization's most important and immediate priorities, so that they can sift out those current activities, processes, and practices that waste energy, time and resources, which handicap performance.
Strategy:  Based on Leadership & Culture
The best-planned strategy will fail if the organization's leadership and culture don't support the strategic process, principles and projected results.  Today's demand for innovation, entrepreneurship, and agility often requires revision of an organization's culture as well as changes in leadership behaviors and beliefs.
Strategy:  Ownership by All Involved
Strategies are more successful if they capitalize on the talents, insights and commitment of all levels in the organization as well as its partners and stakeholders. This S:L seminar describes how to execute an effective strategy process, creating value now and for the future, building on strong leadership and culture. 

Leaders as Coaches
This 2-day seminar along with individual executive coaching is designed to provide leaders with the knowledge and experience to coach and develop valued employees to improve their performance.
For participating leaders, this seminar includes:
  • 2 days of coaching instruction & practice
  • 3 hours of individual executive coaching
Coaching Instruction
Using the SOAR coaching model developed by S:L, leaders will learn how to help their employees to expand self-awareness of behaviors, explore opportunities for growth, outline actions to achieve goals and develop new capabiiities.
Leadership Coaching
Participants will have the opportunity to experience individual leadership coaching for their own growth.  They will receive personal assessments and feedback as well as coaching sessions to identify and make progress on goals for their leadership development.  Classroom instruction combined with executive coaching sessions provdes a strong foundation for leaders as coaches.
Coaching Culture
Many organizations multiply the impact of individual leaders as coaches by creating a culture of coaching.  A coaching culture shapes the working environment by promoting behaviors by everyone to seek and receive feedback, look for channces to improve, and support the positive efforts of all to acheive their greatest potential. This seminar will recommend steps to encourage a coaching culture.



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